Facebook Advertising

We’ve run successful campaigns that generated inquiries for all sorts of small businesses in New Zealand including art classes, real estate agents, bed retailers, online wine merchants, and tourism companies.

We decided to focus on Facebook ad campaigns (which include Instagram) because they’re great value and they get measurable results quickly. They also suit the types of companies we like to work with.

Want to drop a message right in front of someone in a certain age group, of a certain gender in a specific location and who’s interested in say – eating healthy? We can do that for you with a Facebook ad campaign.

We reckon the best way to start is with a small budget (small means a few hundred dollars) so we can test the water and see what works best. Then invest in the ads that get results, and refine things from there.

Is it the right time to be running Facebook ads?

We’re in the thick of Covid-19 with more people at home and online and Facebook and Instagram use is at an all time high.

Unless you’re an ‘essential service’ then now is probably not the time to be looking for conversion (sales) but it is the time to be building your audience and raising awareness of your business. That audience and awareness can be turned into sales when the time is right.