Almost 3 billion people use Facebook each month

Greg Southcombe

November 4, 2021


Billions of people use Facebook everyday

Almost 3 billion people use Facebook each month

Updated on April 18, 2023 by Greg Southcombe

I update this blog post each Quarter as Statista updates their data.

Is it OK to round up when you’re talking billions? In case it’s not, the actual number is 2,960,000,000 but let’s not quibble over a mere 70 million people.

This mind-numbing statistic was released this month (April 2023) and is for the 4th quarter of 2022 and it’s updated each quarter here.

Monthly active users mean people who have logged in within the last 30 days. This number is Facebook only – Instagram and WhatsApp users are not included unless they logged into Facebook of course.

If you’re wondering (as I was) then the 3 platforms combined reach 3.6 billion each month.

You may notice that the chart goes back to 2008. Facebook has been available to the public (13 years and over) since a little before then – 26th September 2006 in fact.

If you’re interested in trying a little advertising on this 15-year-old teenager of a platform we can help with that.

Facebook – number of monthly active users worldwide.