Upgrade to G Suite

G Suite Digimark NZ

This is all about making your email and other business systems simple, easy to manage, trouble-free and cheap. Putting them all ‘in the cloud’ does exactly that.

We’ve been working with Google’s “G Suite” solution for over 10 years and we’ve yet to come across a better solution for small businesses when it comes to cloud-based email, storage, word processing, spreadsheets, online meeting and chat and more. The whole kit and caboodle costs $6USD ($9NZD) per person, per month and that’s superb value when you consider what’s included.

G Suite includes the massively popular Gmail platform for email but with your own business email address and no ads. It works seamlessly on mobile devices and your laptop or desktop computer – start composing an email on your iPhone and finish it on your laptop – easy! Spam is eliminated (I literally can’t remember when I last saw a spam email in my inbox) and never have to worry about running out of space again.

You’ll start out with a huge 30 gigabytes of storage (more than enough for any small to medium business) and if you do ever need more it’s a few dollars a month to upgrade to 100 gigabytes.

We ditched Microsoft Office years ago for Google Docs and Sheets. We especially like the way we can collaborate on the same document or spreadsheet at the same time. This is extremely helpful when working remotely but it’s also helpful when you’re in the same office and avoids all that wondering whether you’re working on the most current version of a document (or not).

G Suite includes a very stable online meeting tool for video and voice conferencing. We’ve tried them all (especially during the COVID-19 lockdown) and G Suite’s “Meet” is definitely our choice and you don’t need to pay any extra.

There’s a lot more to G Suite but in our experience it’s the functions I’ve mentioned here that most businesses need so we won’t wax on any further other than to say….

We’d love to get you into the cloud too. Life is much simpler up here (and the costs are lower too).

If you’re stuck on old fashioned email servers or relying on SMTP and the like then we can migrate you in a matter of hours along with all your historic emails and documents.

Interested in getting G Suite for your business? Great idea!

Here’s what we need to know to get started. Once we have this information we’ll come back to you to chat about the next steps.