Here’s a great example of email marketing that really works

Greg Southcombe

June 26, 2023

Email marketing

Email done right

Here’s a great example of email marketing that really works

Updated on June 26, 2023 by Greg Southcombe

I know, I know – your inbox is probably like mine and over-stuffed with promotional messages that you signed up for on a whim and probably now never open and never get around to unsubscribing from. But, believe me, a well-written email is still the best form of marketing, and here’s a stellar example.

Gary “Gaz” Sullivan designs clothes for people who like riding bikes – mountain bikes mostly. His business (with his partner Glen) is in Rotorua but his customers are anywhere in the world. Gary writes a wickedly good email – so good I look out for them and I read them, every single one of them. His emails are a little ray of sunshine in my otherwise pretty drab inbox.

How does he do it? To be honest, I’ve never met him in person and have never asked him but one of his recent emails (this one) gives a few hints and I’m going to add my own deductions based on my own experience with email marketing.

  • He just does it. He writes a few words every week.
  • He’s not trying to sell you anything. You rarely see subject lines like “up to 50% off” or “easter sale” or “sale ends soon”.
  • He writes about something he loves.
  • He keeps it short. Most of the time.
  • He knows his audience. He is writing for people who are like him – they like riding bikes.

I also reckon he writes like he’d be talking to you over a cuppa. He’s telling a yarn. It’s relaxed. Often it’s funny but without seemingly trying.

I’m going to take a stab and say his open rate is super high (I’d guesstimate greater than 60%) and when he sends out an email the traffic to his website spikes and he sells more stuff.

So the moral of this story is what? I don’t actually think I need to state it and besides, I just wanted to share with you an example of something done well. Very well. If it inspires you then great. If it makes you give it a go too then even better and if it makes you want to contact me and ask for help with email marketing then eureka!

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