Should I register the .nz domain name?

Greg Southcombe

May 9, 2023


.nz domain name or not

Should I register the .nz domain name?

Updated on May 18, 2023 by Greg Southcombe

In New Zealand, we have domain names and we have the shorter .nz domain names. is the domain name we use in all our emails and for our website but we also own and you’ll find our website there too.

Avoid a domain name dispute for as little as $27.50

Most importantly, registering the .nz version of your domain name prevents someone else from doing so. It’s cheap protection when you consider a domain name costs $27.50 per year to register or renew. Bear in mind that in New Zealand, anyone over the age of 18 can register a domain name and there is very little preventing them from grabbing the .nz version of your domain. $27.50 to avoid a domain name dispute is a great investment.

.nz is concise, clean, and simple

I also like the simplicity of “” and, increasingly, so do some of Aotearoa New Zealand’s most high-profile companies. Vodafone recently re-branded as “One” and you’ll only see on their branding. Our client MeloYelo e-bikes is another example – Putting .nz at the end of your brand name certainly says you’re from NZ and you are marketing your product or service to people in NZ.

If you don’t already own the .nz version of your domain name then my advice is to grab it now or ask us to do it for you.