A blog post with an embedded video

This is a blog post with an embedded video

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You’ve made a video and uploaded it to your Youtube channel (nice one). Now we’ve written this post on our blog with a little intro about the video and then we can share this post to our Facebook Page and then boost it or use it in a Facebook ad campaign. That way, when people come across it they end …

Billions of people use Facebook everyday

Almost 3 billion people use Facebook each month

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Is it OK to round up when you’re talking billions? In case it’s not, the actual number is 2,910,000,000 but let’s not quibble over a mere 90 million people. This mind-numbing statistic was released this month and is for the 3rd quarter of 2021 and it’s updated each quarter here. Monthly active users mean people who have logged in within …

What is SSL security

Huh? What is this SSL thing you speak of?

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SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This is the name given to the technology that keeps internet connections secure and thus protects the data or information being sent between the visitor and your website. SSL ‘scrambles’ the data by using encryption. This makes it virtually impossible for anyone else (hackers for example) to read it. It’s absolutely essential these days …