The view from here – a great excuse for a blog post

Greg Southcombe

June 14, 2023



The view from here – a great excuse for a blog post

Updated on July 21, 2023 by Greg Southcombe

The view from my office is frequently changing and, on occasion, quite a sight and well worth sharing with you. You see, our office is quite literally on the move because our office is a converted bus called Edna.

Writing a blog post about this allows me to show you the elements that make up a blog post and give you a brief peek behind the scenes at Digimark.

Why bother with a blog post?

I’m glad you asked. It’s a worthwhile question and one a lot of bloggers clearly never ask themselves (there’s a lot of fluff out there). For a small business, it’s actually a very effective means of telling your story, sharing some news, or postulating about something someone somewhere just might find of interest, like this hopefully.

Yes, you could knock out a Facebook post or an Instagram story or pop a post up on LinkedIn but the shelf life of these is probably over in minutes and with rare exceptions, it’s never to be seen again other than by you and maybe your Mum.

A blog post on your website, on the other hand, sticks around. It can be discovered, searched for, revised, and revisited for years to come. It’s also your property – you own it.

And, you can share it on all the aforementioned social media channels. When the hoards (or your Mum) click on it there they are brought to your website to read the post. Congrats – you just got a visitor!

But, I digress – what about the view from my office?

Feast your eyes – this is the Tasman region. We’re parked just outside Motueka and exploring The Abel Tasman National Park, Kaiteriteri, and the karst country at the top of the Tākaka Hill – all of which are shown here in all their glory.

That’s a Gallery of images by the way. Try clicking on one of the images and you’ll see a full-size version of the image. It’s easy to do in a blog post and these are photos taken on my not-very-flash (or even fancy) iPhone 11.

I’m off now to share this post on the Digimark Facebook page and my LinkedIn account. If you have questions or comments pop them below – I’ll reply, I promise.

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