What are Categories?

Greg Southcombe

June 16, 2022


An old wooden cabinet illustrate how Categories help organise Posts on WordPress websites

What are Categories?

Updated on April 18, 2023 by Greg Southcombe

Once you’ve created a few blog posts you will probably find that they tend to fit into certain types or in other words ‘categories’.

For example, we write about digital marketing stuff which usually means stuff about Facebook, WordPress websites stuff, stuff about Youtube and so on. So, we have created categories on our WordPress website and organised our blog posts into these categories.  

If you’re reading this on a desktop computer you’ll see our categories over in the sidebar menu to the right. If you’re reading this on your phone you’ll see the categories right at the bottom of the screen (just scroll down).

On a WordPress website organising your posts into these categories helps your readers (who may be customers or potential customers) find posts they might be interested in more easily. It also helps Google’s search engine understand what your post is about which, in turn, helps your post get found in searches. 

Once you’ve created a Category you can then offer your readers a link to all posts that are relevant to that category. If I want you to be able to see all the posts we have written about Facebook (for example) I would just give you this link: https://digimark.co.nz/blog/facebook/

You can easily add new categories as your blog evolves or remove or change categories. It’s a totally flexible concept and well worth incorporating into your website.

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