Huh? What is this SSL thing you speak of?

Greg Southcombe

November 4, 2021



Huh? What is this SSL thing you speak of?

Updated on April 18, 2023 by Greg Southcombe

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This is the name given to the technology that keeps internet connections secure and thus protects the data or information being sent between the visitor and your website.

SSL ‘scrambles’ the data by using encryption. This makes it virtually impossible for anyone else (hackers for example) to read it. It’s absolutely essential these days as the information being sent often includes credit card details and/or other personal information.

When you visit a website that’s encrypted with SSL your browser (you probably use either Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge) connects with the server that’s hosting the website and then looks at the SSL certificate, checks it’s legitimate, and then binds your connection to the server in a secure fashion so you can send and receive data and no one else can see it or access it.

You will know a website is secured by SSL when you see the “s” in the URL and the little padlock icon.

Our WordPress website hosting plan for $39.95 a month includes free Let’s Encrypt Standard and Wildcard SSL certificates.

While this ensures your website is secure you do need to bear in mind that if you decide to offer links from your website to other websites and those sites are not secured by SSL then it, in turn, compromises your site. We can help with that too

If this post has sparked an interest in secure sockets layer technology and you just have to know all about it then here’s a good place to read more and here’s what the NZ Government has to say about it.

If this post just sparks a bunch of questions or worries and you’d like some help just contact us.